Clairvoyant Evening with John Tunbridge

Hythe Spiritualist Church emerge from lockdown - via Zoom

Hythe Spiritualist Church Dec 4th

Well Goodness Me . . .

This has to be the least-expected Dymchurch 'appearance'?

Dick Barton - Special Agent

Dick Barton and co. (Jock & Snowy) end up in Dymchurch.

It's about the race to recover the 'XB19' before it's passed to 'the enemy'. (Russkies!)

Don't really see Dymchurch though.

The series was on Talking Pictures TV, 8:30pm, weeknights.

Remembrance 2020

Royal British legion

Tough year all round, online support is more helpful than ever.

“We do not forget to remember . . .”

Day of Syn 2020

Went Ahead, in its way

There was a showing of smugglers, soldiers and revenue men, with a cessation of hostilities (barring one hanging) due to prevailing conditions, to keep the tradition alive.

Here are some photos

. . . of the scary, ragged figures haunting Dymchurch. Oh, and some scarecrows.

“We did not forget to remember . . .”

The Clink

. . . is open

It is not without a sense of irony that I note that Britains most famous prison has . . . opened.

Conversely it is expected that the US Open . . . will be closed!

Here're some memories of bygone Syns.

And I've found some more 'Return of Dr Syn' photos

Dymchurch in the National News - and the Countryfile smugglers feature.


Now Eastbourne has followed Hastings in losing it's pier (hopefully temporarily) Deal remains the local example.

Spearfish Creek Wild West group at Damyns Hall.

What you’ll find here:

Information on the next Day of Syn, a little about the Day of Syn Society and a roster of the characters featured in the seven Doctor Syn books. (Well, four of them so far.)

The Night Riders, excise men, Dragoons and . . . carpenters; all reside within!

Eventually I will complete the character information, include daguerreotypes of the events at Dymchurch and details of the film and television versions of the books.

Hey, I’ve won an award!