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The Day of Syn celebrates the adventures of the fictional Dymchurch residents of years gone by in their struggles with the excise men, alongside the personal challenges of key characters against circumstance and particular enemies.

The biennial event by the Syn Society is held on the August Bank Holiday weekend of even-numbered years, so it's

27 - 29th August 2016

Day of Syn 2014: General photos, Evensong, Bloco Fogo

Syn 2014 - the photos

The Bowery, the Art Display, & The Mummers.

Day of Syn 2012: Doctor Syn

Dr Syn 2012 - the photos

Day of Syn 2010: Return of Doctor Syn

 Return of Doctor Syn - the photos

Day of Syn 2006 (The Pressgang) & 2008

Day of Syn 2006 (The Pressgang)/8 - the photos

Day of Syn 2002

Day of Syn 2002 - the photos