Dramatis personæ of Dr Syn Returns.

Mr Waggetts Nominal landlord of The Ship. Appears only fleetingly whilst terminally ill.
Mrs Waggetts "Large, ugly, vain but capable" landlady of The Ship. After becoming widowed takes a shine to Mr Mipps.
Preventative Officer of Dymchurch Least-popular person in the town (so unpopular he doesn't even seem to have a name!), nicknamed "Old Gloomy" by Mipps. Sometimes written as 'Preventive'. Didn't prevent much.
(Mr) Merry Coarse, villainous individual, caught murdering the survivors of the stricken brig City of London and scavenging from their corpses.
Meg Clouder Widow of Abel, together the proprietors of the Sea-Wall tavern. Afterwards landlady of the City of London tavern and unwilling object of Merry's interest.
Abel Clouder Strongest swimmer in Dymchurch, died assisting Parson Bolden in the relief of the stricken brig City of London.
Parson Bolden Briefly appears billed as the second-strongest swimmer in Dymchurch. Died assisting Abel Clouder in the relief of the stricken brig City of London.
Captain Mervin Ransom Master and commander owner of the ill-fated brig City of London which carried Syn back to England. Left a secret bequest to her survivors.
Robert Butler of Sir Antony; re-introduced Syn to the society of Dymchurch.
Christopher Syn Born 1730, youngest graduate of Queens College, Oxford, with Doctorate of Divinity. In the 1754 vacation first encounters Mr Mipps at the Dymchurch sea-wall en route to Lympne Castle. Later to become Vicar of Dymchurch and Dean of the Peculiars.
Sir Antony Cobtree Son of Sir Charles, born 1727. Attended Oxford ahead of, but overlapping, Christopher; continuing visiting in order to court the future Lady Cobtree. Inherited squirrelishness, magistracy and Lordship in 17??. **MATHS**
Doctor Sennacharib Pepper The (medical) Doctor of Dymchurch, resident at Grove House. His name is also spelled 'Sennacherib' in some volumes.
Lady Cobtree Nameless and un-described, performs a lot of background hospitality at the Court House.
Charlotte Cobtree Eldest daughter of Sir Antony. Able horsewoman but romantic, with a weakness for ne'er~do~wells.
Mrs Lovell Housekeeper at Court House.
Josiah Wraight Master-buider and owner of the boat-building yard which came to house the figurehead 'Admiral' Gog. Overseer of the reconstruction of the Sea-Wall Tavern into the City of London.
Mrs Fowey Housekeeper appointed to the Vicarage. Has a daughter 'plain as a cod-fish'. Is Cornish and therefore her name is presumably pronounced "Foy".
Mr Mipps Shipwright turned smuggler, pirate, carpenter, storekeeper, coffin-maker and sexton. Confidant and partner to Doctor Syn an all walks of life. Resides at the Old Tree cottage, using the barn as his workshop.
Grinsley Smuggler and murderer of the Riding Officer from the Sandgate Excise Office, at his farm at Aldington.
Captain Faunce Captain of the Dragoons.
Silas Pettigrand Patriarch of the Gypsy family Pettigrand. Part of a 'tribe of horse-dealers', he supplied the Scarecrow with Gehenna, his identity secure under the Romany Oath.
Old Mother Handaway Reputed to be a witch and consequently shunned by most marsh-folk. Usually only visited by the the Scarecrow, the highwayman Gentleman Jimmie Bone and Dr. Syn, she struck a friendship with Charlotte Cobtree.
Cicely Cobtree Another daughter of Sir Antony.
Gentleman James Bone Notorious highwayman who haunted the Dover road and lay low in the marshes, keeping his horse in the hidden stable at Mother Handaway's cottage. Jimmy to his friends.
Colonel Delacourt Ostentatious, unpleasant gambler and drunkard returned from the Indies, resident at the Mermaid Inn in Rye. "Stockily built, and tattooed like a South Sea Islander." Companion of Captain Vicosa.
"Spanish Madonna" Wife of Colonel Delacourt, kept cloistered out of sight.
Captain Vicosa Compatriot of Colonel Delacourt, who calls him 'Captain Vic', a "red-bearded giant". Married Meg Clouder with villainous intent.
Upton Brothers Monty, Henry and Tom; brothers from Aldington. Their duties included lighting the beacon on Aldington Knoll.
General Troubridge Commander of the squadron of Dragoons from Dover Castle sent to assist Captain Faunce. Twin brother of the Admiral.
Shuhshuhgah (Blue Heron) Red-Indian, firm friend of Syn and Mipps. Travelled to England to warn Syn of Delacourt and Vicosa's plans.