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The Seven (Deadly?) Syns

Because of the number of Doctor Syn books a much larger anciliary cast has grown around the body of work than would have for a one-shot.

So here are character rosters for four out of seven books, divided by volume.

The (Br)Others of Syn

There is an obviously enduring appeal in the pirate and smuggler genres of literature, despite the long intervals between publication.

Most famous are the 'big guns' of Treasure Island and J. Meade-Falkner's Moonfleet, to the lesser-known gems like C. Fox Smith's The Ship Aground.

(And I hardly dare whisper Jamaica Inn.)

These are one-off novels, with no expectation of become serials. Doctor Syn managed to buck this trend by planning to be a one-off, but somehow later becoming a serial.

(Yes, there was a 'Return to Treasure Island' television series, but not novelised - as far as I know.)

New Blood?

George Chittenden at Waterstones

There is a new departure in the air: local Kent author George Chittenden is two-thirds through publishing a trilogy, which sits, by my reckoning, somewhere between a one-off and an ongoing serial.