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The dramatis personæ from The Amazing Quest of Dr Syn.

George Plattman Dymchurch Excise Officer, audacious enough to attempt infiltration of the Night-Riders.
Christopher Syn Born 1730, youngest graduate of Queens College, Oxford, with Doctorate of Divinity. In the 1754 vacation first encounters Mr Mipps at the Dymchurch sea-wall en route to Lympne Castle. Later to become Vicar of Dymchurch and Dean of the Peculiars.
Mr Mipps Shipwright turned smuggler, sailor, pirate, carpenter, blacksmith, general-storekeeper, clerk, undertaker, coffin-maker, verger, sexton and parochial general factotum. Confidant and partner to Syn an all walks of life.
Mrs Fowey Housekeeper appointed to the Vicarage. Has a daughter 'plain as a cod-fish'. Is Cornish and presumably pronounced "Foy".
Antony Cobtree Son of Sir Charles, born 1727. Attended Oxford ahead of, but overlapping, Christopher; continuing visiting in order to court the future Lady Cobtree. Inherited squirrelishness, magistracy and Lordship in 17???
[ Maths does not add up. ]
Mrs Waggetts "Large, ugly, vain but capable" landlady of The Ship. After becoming widowed takes a shine to Mr Mipps.
Edward Dymchurch mail coach guard, fond of a quick stop at The Ship.
Meg Clouder Widowed landlady of the City of London tavern.
Farmer Murrain Sheep farmer, suspected of being the Scarecrow.
David Davis Llewellyn Jones Attorney-at-Law from Tremadoc.
Tarroc Dolgenny Villainous Welshman!
Ann Sudden Lynchpin of Dolgenny's machinations.
Gentleman James Bone Notorious highwayman who haunted the Dover road and lied low in the marsh, keeping his horse in the hidden stable at Mother Handaway's cottage.
Hythe Revenue Officer Revenue Officer from Hythe.
Gaol Officer Officer overseeing the imprisonment of Jimmie Bone.
Beadle Official present during the unsuccessful escape of Jimmie Bone.
Curlew, Raven and Seagull Three smugglers involved in the attmpted murder of Dr Syn and Mr Jones.
Mister Rash The local Schoolmaster.
Jerry Jerk Poor scholar, the bane of Mr Rash, became the pot boy at The Ship. Harboured ambition of being a hangman to the extent of building his own gallows.
Sir Henry Pembury Squire of Lympne Castle and Justice of the Peace. Lord of the Levels of Romney Marsh. Suffering from a fiery temper, and the gout, he remains active in his late sixties. (Sp. Penbury?)
General Troubridge Commander of the Dragoons at Dover Castle. Twin brother of the Admiral; attendee of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Lords of the Levels.
Admiral Troubridge Twin brother of the General, in charge of the Harbour Guardship; attendee of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Lords of the Levels.
The Justices Lord Noel of Aldington, the Mayor of Hythe, the Mayor of Romney, the Constable of Sandgate Castle; attendees of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Lords of the Levels.
Harry Thane Customs officer for Tremadoc.
Pedro Spanish manservant of Dolgenny.
Garcia Another Spanish manservant of Dolgenny, functioning as gaoler.