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The dramatis personæ of Dr Syn on the High Seas.

Septimus Syn Patriarch of the Syns o' Lydd in the chronicles. Took arms in 1745 and died alongside three brothers at the Battle of Culloden, 16th April 1746. His wife died the same year, leaving Christopher an orphan at 15.
Solomon Syn Surviving elder brother, "red-faced, rotund and jovial attorney at New Romney". Raised the orphaned Christopher along with Sir Charles.
Christopher Syn

(Cap'n Clegg)
Born 1730, youngest graduate of Queens College, Oxford, with Doctorate of Divinity. In the 1754 vacation first encounters Mr Mipps at the Dymchurch sea-wall en route to Lympne Castle. Later to become Vicar of Dymchurch and Dean of the Peculiars.
Mr Mipps Shipwright turned smuggler, pirate, carpenter, storekeeper, coffin-maker and sexton. Confidant and partner to Syn an all walks of life.
Sir Henry Pembury Squire of Lympne Castle and Justice of the Peace. Suffering from gout, and a fiery temper, he remains active into his late sixties. Husband to Lady Pembury, who is only mentioned in passing, and father of ? Pembury.
Señora Imogene Almago Widowed mother of the younger Imogene. Came to England to complete her husband's will and transact business with Nicholas Tappitt but became a pawn in Bully Tappitt's machinations.
Señorita Imogene Almago The younger Imogene, came to England with her mother, married Syn but eloped with Nicholas Tappitt.
Mr Wraight Owner of the boat-building yard which employed Mipps before his smuggling career caught up with him. Mr Wraight was also a skilled ship-builder who rebuilt the Vicarage with a Spanish facade, and shortly afterwards restored it. Presumably the 'Josiah Wraight' of the next volume.
Sir Charles Cobtree Squire, local magistrate, and Lord of the Levels. Raised the orphaned Christopher along with his Uncle Solomon Syn.
Squire "Bully" Tappitt Relishing his nickname of "Bully", his first name is never revealed. The squire of Iffley Court, uncle to Nicholas, reknowned for drinking, gambling, violence and the ill-treatment of women. Responsible for the death Esther Sommers and suspected of being behind some of the 'suicides' retrieved from the Isis.
Farmer Sommers Embittered neighbour of Bully Tappitt. Encountered Dr. Syn as he escaped from Iffley Court and gave him the key to a secret door. Killed Bully Tappitt, but avoided prosecution with the aid of Nicholas, Tony Cobtree and Dr. Syn.
Antony Cobtree Son of Sir Charles, born 1727. Attended Oxford, overlapping Christopher, remaining to court the future Lady Cobtree.
Mr Cragg Gate-keeper at Iffley Court. Despite abuse at he hands of Bully Tappit became his henchman, involved in spying, delivering messages and kidnapping.
Nicholas Tappitt Nephew of Bully Tappitt, Oxford scholar (to a degree) turned successful businessman and sailing-master. Usually a successful womaniser, he failed to engage young Imogene Almago but continued in the service of her father. Used the name Nikola Tappitto whilst in Spain, where he became an accomplished speaker and guitarist. Eloped with Imogene Syn and fled around the globe in a variety of vessels, including the St. Nicholas, as a whaler, privateer and pirate under the name Black Nick.
Mountain Cat Red-Indian guide who assisted Clegg and Mipps. Member of the Adirondack Indians.
Shuhshuhgah (Blue Heron) Red-Indian rescued by Clegg and Mipps. Became a loyal aide and firm friend, returning the favour by rescuing Clegg.
The Coffins Whaling family of New Bedford. Employed Clegg as co-owner of the Ezekiel and crewed it with experienced men.
Captain of The Intention Un-named and incompetent sea Captain bound for Boston, Massachusetts. Described as a "maudlin New-Englander". Had he been a better Captain he would have evaded capture or turned to piracy, but failed at both.
Black Satan An "enormous negro", ill-fated Captain of the equally ill-fated Pit of Sulfur.
Pedro Landlord of The Staunch Brotherhood Inn, Santiago, brief residence of both Black Nick and Syn's (Clegg's) parties.
Juan Tarragona Captain of The St Nicholas, disenchanted employee of Black Nick and willing mutineer.
McCallum Giant bearded Scot, often referred to as the "Red-haired Planter", trading in Havana.
Captain Mervin Ransom Master and owner of the ill-fated brig City of London which carried Syn back to England. Left a secret bequest to the survivors.