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The dramatis personæ of Doctor Syn.

Antony Cobtree Son of Sir Charles, born 1727. Attended Oxford ahead of, but overlapping, Christopher; continuing visiting in order to court the future Lady Cobtree. Inherited squirrelishness, magistracy and Lordship in 17???
[ Maths does not compute with given dates.]
Denis Cobtree Son of Tony Cobtree. Blissfully free of responsibility, leaving him free to hopelessly chase Imogene.
Christopher Syn Born 1730, youngest graduate of Queens College, Oxford, with Doctorate of Divinity. In the 1754 vacation first encounters Mr Mipps at the Dymchurch sea-wall en route to Lympne Castle. Later to become Vicar of Dymchurch and Dean of the Peculiars.
Mr Mipps Shipwright turned smuggler, pirate, carpenter, storekeeper, coffin-maker and sexton. Confidant and partner to Syn in all walks of life.
Maria(?) Cobtree Daughter of Sir Antony.
Cicely Cobtree Another daughter of Sir Antony.
Mrs Fowey Housekeeper appointed to the Vicarage. Has a daughter 'plain as a cod-fish'. Is Cornish and presumably pronounced "Foy".
Mrs Waggetts Functional landlady of The Ship. After becoming widowed takes a shine to Mr Mipps.
General Troubridge Commander of the Dragoons, twin brother of the Admiral.
Jerry Jerk Poor scholar, bane of Mr Rash, who became the pot boy at The Ship. Harboured ambition of being a hangman to the extent of buying a parcel of land and building his own gallows.
Captain Faunce Army Captain.
Captain Collyer Naval Captain.
Mr Rash The irascible cane-weilding Schoolmaster.
Defines "dramatis personæ" as "people what's in it".
Cuban Priest Also called "The Mulatto" this unfortunate was readily identified by his missing tongue and ears. Blessed with a keen sense of smell and an astonishing survival instinct - he'd do well in a Saw film!