28th - 31st August 2020

The biennial event is held on the August Bank holiday weekend of even-numbered years, so it's . . . this year! Sort of . . .

Like everything this year there has been some pruning. Some degree of smugglers will be around, but not for the usual nefarious business. So any Revenue Men in the area will be more observant of the Holy Days and likely to turn a professionally blind eye to any reprobates.

Scarecrow Festival - some pictures here

26th August - 2nd September

Well, here's a fine thing. It tells us when but not where this is occurring.

One might guess that it is centred upon Dymchurch - but where will it end? The event spans eight days, but we need more detailed information. What day will the judges be in Staffordshire, for instance?

Here's the entry for Smallest Scarerecrow of 2020:

You don't have to make a song and dance about it - Wendy already did! The song is Sweet Dreams, recorded by Flesh of Sin, which seems somehow rather appropriate. Despite the spelling.

Want to take part but don't have a local garden to display it in? Then become a scarecrow and disport yourself around the village:

And the (real) Scarecrow will never be far (enough) away . . .

Alternatively . . .

If the weather does turn out to be bad you could stay indoors and play a computer game instead. I suppose the most appropriate suggestion would be Sin:

Of course you'll have to get a 1998 game to run on a modern computer. (Unless you've got a Windows 98 machine still running.) And you'll have to find a copy. (You do still have a machine with a CD-ROM?)

It's about an evil corporation trying to take over the world. So not exactly Syn-like. And they got the spelling wrong . . .