Dramatis Personæ of the Doctor Syn Canon

(And a Caveat)

Here are the cast lisings for four of the novels (remainder pending a re-read). For each volume, the characters are presented in order of appearance, which for the ‘regulars’ may vary from volume to volume.

Doctor Syn

Dr. Syn on the High Seas

Dr. Syn Returns

The Further Adventures of Dr. Syn

The Courageous Exploits of Dr. Syn

The Amazing Quest of Dr. Syn

The Shadow of Dr. Syn

Dr. Syn

N.B. most of the character thumbnails in the rosters link to a portrait.

Not Dr Syn's cannon

A Caveat

The Dr. Syn canon is a much more compact body than, say, the Sherlock Holmes canon; it comprises of only seven books. (Granted that means seven full novels - I'm ignoring The Scarecrow Rides - rather than four novels plus short stories, totalling 60.)

I'll add the non-canon material later; for now I present the cast-lists without plot information, but for those who haven't read all the novels I warn that some details will give away things that you might rather be surprised by.

(I content myself with that warning because a recent study suggests that readers actually enjoy stories more when they know the overall outcome than if they didn't.)

I have resisted the urge to look into plots in detail pro temp because, like the Holmes canon, there are some chronological snarls where events overlap.

There are also inconsistencies in dates given for birthdates compared with later events in Antony cobtree's life, which need to be identified and resolved. Considering that the last book was written first, with no plan to write the six prequels, it's amazing that there aren't more.

In the course of reading any one book these will not diminish your enjoyment!