- a pleasant, industrious place by day, but the centre of
illicit activities in the haunted Romney Marsh by night.

Dymchurch is the fictional home of the Scarecrow and his band of smugglers;
but Dymchurch is real, and really does have a history of smuggling.

Royal British Legion

This Is Only A Theory

Due to uncertain conditions it is unlikely that the following will go ahead. Even the individual bands are not showing them as happening. But in the event that things improve, and the decision is made to go ahead, here are the provisionally planned events. Check with the venue . . .

Very oddly there are two sets of bands listed: one at the “whole year list” and another at the Whats_On page. They don't seem to say the same things. Check with the venue . . .

Perhaps that helps - photographed on the Bank Holiday Monday, it's a heartening confirmation that some of the billed events went ahead. Except Gary and Michelle are the last entry on theWhats_On page. Check with the venue . . .

Saturday September 26th

Mixed Emotions Duo

Unless the RBL have decided to call an early bath they're on the list. But not on their own list.

Sunday September 27th

Sapphire - a "family group"

I'm sure they had a website last year. Can't even find that now. Put them in the 'less likely' column.

The Ship

Fully re-furbished and back with cask ales . . . wonder if there's musket-ball holes in the casks?

Unexpected Visitors To Dymchurch?

Paul O'Grady has revealed that he has seen strange lights at 2am above his home in Aldington. (Kent Live, March 25.)

Prompted by the revelations of pop-star Kim Wilde {Is it me or did this story just get weird?}, he realised that they were UFOs.

". . . aliens. We've got 'em in Kent - I'm serious - over Folkestone, Dungeness and Hythe".

"I've seen them, and I'm not the only one - I've got witnesses, so I'm not going out of my mind."

And if they went from Folkestone to Dungeness, they passed the sea wall. Any sightings in Dymchurch?

Or are the Aldington Gang lighting beacons on the knoll again?

Wake Up (Again) Dymchurch!

BBC2 repeated the Dad's Army
episode 'Wake Up, Walmington'.

Saturday 12/09/2020

Dymchurch notched up no less than three references:

  1. Dymchurch Home Guard Platoon is mentioned not-quite-in-dispatches. And not favourably. (But it is a comedy.)
  2. Dymchurch Police (without being seen or heard) phone through a report of suspicious characters being seen in the area. Mainwaring and his motley crew were travelling on foot.
  3. The Six Bells pub is located 'about six miles away, off the Dymchurch Road'. (The A259?)

Walmington-on-Sea is located 'about twenty miles from Dover' and is, obviously, coastal. That puts it between Whitstable and Rye. Not very precise, but near enough to Dymchurch?

The Great Folkestone Banksy Robbery?

Two men (one Kent, one Surrey) were held on suspicion of stealing a Banksy artwork from a derelict building.

Although the picture is thought to be a local artist's copy.

Countryfile - Hampshire

Smugglers in The New Forest.

Wed. 15th June 2016

The BBC featured the re-introduction of pack ponies to the New Forest, at Fordingbridge, in tonight's Countryfile.

Billed 'as used by smugglers', but obviously as used by everyone back in the day.

Not quite as relevant as the episode that featured Dymchurch.

Dymchurch in the News

Monday May 30th

Dymchurch featured in the recovery of a boat used by migrants.

The full story was in the Daily Mirror, amongst others.

Except their printed version read “Dymchurch, Essex” . . .

Should've read my FAQ!

Tuesday May 31st

The story continued with local interviews, and the right county:

The full story is here, sans interviews.